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Eating Along the G Line: The Fulton St. stop in Fort Greene has some of the best food and culture

a plate of food on a table

"The old saying that food is a feast for the eyes is no cliche at Bati , Hibist Legesse's five-year-old Ethopian restaurant — especially if you order the vegetarian platter. It's loaded with color and flavors from lentils with chili spice paste, a ground chickpea salad, garlic and ginger-dressed greens, and beets and potatoes with lemon, onion and jalapeño. (It's $14, and can be vegan, too.)

Legesse often returns home to Ethiopia to enrich her cooking. Not only does she bring home hard-to-find seasonings that are a must for traditional Ethopian flavors, she seeks out family and friends regarded as experts in certain recipes. One of those is the special-occasion dish called doro wat, where chicken and a hard-boiled egg are slow-cooked together in a thick sauce layered with chili and spice ($18).

There's also kitfo, a tartar-like dish where chopped prime beef is mixed with warm spiced clarified butter and chili powder until it's almost silky ($18). Like most Ethiopian food, it's eaten scooped up with a thin piece of injera, the fermented bread that's made each day at Bati using the tiny grain called teff." - NY Daily News