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Our Story

At Bati, we invite you to try the delicious Doro Wett, a hearty, spicy stew that is served with a piece of chicken thigh and an egg soaked in the sauce. It always elicits the question of which came first? The Doro wett is a favorite among our non-vegan regulars. We also have the Siga wett and Yebeg Alicha, dishes that are decadent and generously spiced with homemade kibe or kibbeh (clarified butter) that just makes everything taste..divine! Last but not least there's the decadent and delicious Kitfo! Our version of steak tartare, cooked to your liking but truly taken to a heavenly level when served raw and generously doused in kibe and Mitmita!

Our vegan dishes have very quickly gained the VIP spot on the menu, as we came to be known for them early on. The Missir wett (lentil stew) takes the king's place, made with a base of red onion and berbere. It's earthy and not surprisingly the most ordered item on the menu always! This is not to ignore the Ater kik Alicha (turmeric-based split pea stew) the garlicky Gomen (collard greens) and many other legume-focused vegan bites.

We offer specials seasonally and to celebrate national Ethiopian holidays We serve tongues stir-fried in spices, (Milas tibs), Gomen kitfo (collards soaked in kibbeh usually served with the beef kitfo) and beef ribs rubbed and roasted in coriander and peppers.

Communal dining is the norm in Ethiopian households and therefore restaurants. Sharing food from the same plate or tray is encouraged but if one is a vegan and one does not want one's meat to touch another's veg, we would certainly be very happy to serve on individual plates!

Bati has a selection of beer and wine from around the world, including Ethiopian honey wine (T'ej).

We welcome you to experience Ethiopian vibes in a dining room with a view of Ethiopian art and photography.